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Your Strategic Partner

As an owner-managed service agency, we are committed to ensuring that companies, society and politics use the opportunities of digitization in a cyber-secure and efficient manner.

We support you in setting up organizations and implementing initiatives and projects in the field of cybersecurity and digitalization

business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop computer and graph financial with social network diagram and two colleagues discussing data in the background

Our clients benefit from our professionalism and personal commitment. That's what I like most about my job.


Andreas W. Kaelin
ICPRO is committed.

I enjoy looking at problem solutions from different angles and always learning something new in the process.


Annalena Tosi
ICPRO finds solutions.

It's nice when the brand, communication and all processes are all of a piece.


Sophie Peggs
ICPRO plans creatively and unerringly.

If I manage to set up the processes cleanly in the background, I've achieved my goal.


Katrin Sieber
ICPRO loves the right tools.

The different participants on our trips inspire each other to create new projects.


Elisabetta Depace
ICPRO inspires.

We work with founders and investors who want to scale their business model. I like to support them in setting up efficient work processes and managing their finances.


Pascal Schöni
ICPRO builds